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Jing Dong
Leading On-line Retailer of IT & Digital Products
Yi Feng
Leading Pharmacy Chain Store
Dian Ping
Leading Local Service Platform
Leading Underwear Chain Store
Mei Tuan
Local Service Platform
Leading Snack Food Chain Store
Gan Ji
Leading Classified Ads & Localized Service
Bi Feng Tang
Bi Feng Tang Quick Service Restaurant Chain
Tu Dou
Leading Video-shaning Website
Lao Sheng Chang
Prosperity Fast Food Chain
Bei Bei
Mobile Platform for Mom and Baby Products
Xi Shao Ye
Chinese Burger Fast Food Chain
Three Squirrels
On-Line Snack Food Brand
Kung Fu
Leading Chinese Fast Food Chain
Share Economy-Home Cook
Tsui Wah
Leading Hong Kong Style Quick Service Restaurant
Xiao Zhu
Share Economy-Short Term Rent
Rong Qing
Leading Cold Chain Logistics Company
VIP Shop
Flash Sales Platform
Leading Branded Egg Producer
Online Travel Platform
Leading On-line Retailer of Diamond